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frame based Timeline editor


Reshoot Frames

Do you need to reshoot a few frames in the middle of your scene? Worried about sending the rest of the track off sync with your audio and camera move? NO worries with our Reshoot frames feature. Select those frames and choose 'Reshoot.' The camera icon moves to the first frame and you reshoot. When you've finished, the camera pops back to the end. No accidental frame overwrites and you never lose sync.

Audio Elements

Configure, with ease, the audio elements you need to work with. View or hide your waveform data, dialogue track, phonetic cues and mouth replacement guides right in the timeline.

Timeline with playhead and audio waveform.

Perfect Timing

Quickly adjust timing by creating holds on frames. Drag a thumbnail to extend a hold. You'll be completing pop-through tests in record time.

Delete Bin

Do you remember when you deleted those frames, only to realize later that they were the perfect shot? Open the delete bin to find all of your deleted frames, then drag and drop them back into your timeline. Make bold editorial choices with the flexibility to change your mind.

Frame editing as simple as drag and drop.

Visual Timeline

With the new frame-based timeline editor in Dragonframe, you can move, delete, copy, hide and make holds with ease. Editing is visual and intuitive—select a range of frames, pick them up, and drop them at the new location, with the option to insert or overwrite. Or use standard keyboard commands to cut, copy and paste.

Timeline editor with deleted frames.