Gemvision Matrix Version 7.5

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Matrix 7 is the only CAD choice for serious jewellery designers.

Matrix Interface

Matrix is also different.

The entire Gemvision approach to jewellery design software is different. Everyone recognizes the growing role of computer technology in the creation and selling of jewellery. But who do you trust to take your business to the next level as a partner in your long-term CAD success? We don't just sell software, we give you the tools and knowledge to innovate and improve virtually every aspect of your business.

How it Works

1 Start by designing your CAD file in Matrix

Matrix provides jewellery-specific and jeweller-friendly tools to design virtual 3D jewellery on screen and create photo-realistic images of your designs. It combines the raw CAD power of Rhino 3D, the organic modeling of T-Splines, the stunning render images of V-Ray, and our own proprietary technology to create the ultimate 3D jewellery creation tool.

2 Then use any of these methods (or a combination of these methods)

Outsource CAM

Send your CAD file to a service provider for CAM output or even casting. They ship back your casting or model.

Do Your Own CAM

Produce a wax model of your CAD file using your own CAM machine such as the Revo540CX. Then cast it yourself or outsource it.

Build it Yourself

Visualize the design in Matrix then hand carve and fabricate it yourself at the bench.

Who it Benefits

Take control.

Owner + Manager

Take control.

Don’t let volatile metal and gem markets control your business. Gemvision solutions deliver an exceptional buying experience without the high risk of physical inventory. Design in “virtual” metal and make the sale first.

Save time.

Bench Jeweller

Save time.

Speed up your setting time by pre-notching prongs and other benefits of 100% dimensionally accurate jewellery. The precision of jewellery created in Matrix also requires much less correction and clean up.

Be creative.


Be creative.

Create fully custom designs for customers or express your own creativity with a line of virtual jewellery. Matrix lets the process take many creative paths. Stunning photo-realistic images then bring your designs to life.

Get inspired.


Get inspired.

Excite your current customers to restyle old gems and jewellery. Attract new customers with a personalized, memorable buying experience and become a true custom design destination in your market.