X-Particles version 2
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X-Particles version 2

X-Particles version 2 is now available! Visit the purchase page for prices and to purchase a licence.

The ultimate particle system for Cinema 4D is here. For more details, see our demo reel or check out the features!


X-Particles is a blazingly fast, full-featured particle system. In version 2, it has a brand-new core with no practical limit on particle counts. It retains its object-based control system so can be used without needing any knowledge of Xpresso...

New features in version 2

  • new core engine
  • multithreaded emitter (Pro version)
  • up to 1 billion particles
  • 25 particle modifiers
  • Xpresso nodes (Pro version)
  • new skinner object
  • online updater
  • and more...


Licences for X-Particles are available in either Standard or Pro version. The Pro version includes certain features such as multithreading and Xpresso nodes which are aimed at power users. A free Lite version is also available.

To purchase a licence, please visit our shop page.

What's new in version 2

Version 2 includes many exciting new features, such as:

Note: not all the above features are available in both versions.

What you CAN'T do in X-Particles

We believe in being totally honest about this plugin. For that reason, we have a new page 'What you can't do in X-Particles'.
You might want to review that to get a balanced view of the plugin's capabilities and avoid disappointment.

Purchasing a licence

Upgrades to version 2 will be available for existing owners.The cost of upgrading is a little less than the difference in price between v1 and v2.

More details of some of these new features can be found on the product pages for the Standard and Pro versions.

To purchase a licence, please go to the purchase page.


X-Particles Standard

The Standard version of X-Particles is a full-featured particle system suitable for most purposes, but power users or those who want to produce very high-end effects should consider the Pro version.

A comparative feature list of the Standard and Pro versions can be found on the product comparison page. In addition a number of animations can be found in the X-Particles reel.

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X-Particles is a completely new particle system which does not need the standard Cinema 4D emitter or Thinking Particles. It has a number of components:


Control system


X-Particles contains a system of close control over almost all parameters using Questions and Actions. No Xpresso is required and everything is done through Cinema’s Object and Attribute Managers in the same way as for other objects. The system works by asking a ’Question’ of each particle – for example, does the particle age exceed a specified value. If the particle ‘passes’ the Question, an Action is called which has an effect on the particle. Most Actions work through the particle modifiers but others are independent of them.

Questions and Actions are not dependent on keyframes, so although you can keyframe most aspects of the X-Particles system, you don’t have to do so if you don’t want to.

Compatibility with other Cinema components


X-Particles is compatible with the existing particle modifiers. It can be used with object deformers and Mograph effectors, and works with the dynamics system in R12 or later. If you don’t have a version of Cinema with dynamics, it contains its own basic collision system for handling collisions with scene objects. Splines generated by the Trail object can be rendered with the Hair renderer. X-Particles can also emit Thinking Particles and particles can then be rendered with Pyrocluster or with the C4D Hair renderer.