Gemvision Matrix Version 7.5

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Matrix 9

Created by jewelers for jewelers, Matrix® is the tool of choice if you’d prefer to design from a blank slate.

Strong points

Matrix® is award-winning software that contains step-by-step builders to allow for complete creative exploration.

matrix take control

Take control

Matrix® delivers exactly what your customers want without the high risk of stocking inventory.

matrix save time

Save time

Speed up your setting time and reduce correction and clean up at the bench with 100% dimensionally accurate jewelry.

matrix be creative

Be creative

Create unique designs for customers, or express your own creativity with a new line of jewelry.

matrix get inspired

Get inspired

Excite current customers to restyle old gems and jewelry. Attract new customers with a personalized buying experience.

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Request a free live and personalized demonstration of Matrix®. One of our team members will show you the software and answer any questions.