One click video forensic solution

Extracting evidence from video is a time-consuming process. Video from security systems is hard to play, video evidence—whether from a cell phone or surveillance video—is invariably of poor quality, suffering from issues like low resolution, poor lighting, noise, and shake, and current forensic tools are complicated, impossible to learn, and require hours to get results.

Solution: Ikena (Ee-Kehn-Ah), MotionDSP's forensic video enhancement software for Windows, has been designed from the ground up to accelerate video forensics using state-of-the-art, automated image processing that can quickly extract forensically valid results from any video source. Based on innovative super-resolution-based reconstruction algorithms, Ikena is powerfully simple, automating what was once a multi-step, manual process into a single click.

Ikena also comes in a GPU-accelerated version, Ikena GPU, which can use graphic cards (GPUs) from AMD and NVIDIA to process video up to 5x faster than on CPU.