RhinoGold 3.0 News

There are a lot of news and improves tools. In this section we will comment most of them.


Smart Curve


Gem Info

New tool for creating curves which will change your way of modeling. More effective control!


All of the information on our gems presented visually and with just one click. Shows dimensions and weight.

Text on Curve


Gems by two curves

Creation of unlimited texts.  Lets you create text on a 2D or 3D curve in curve mode or on solids!


Automatically creates gems from two flat curves or 3D, adapting the sizes and distances between them for optimum fit.

Smart Grid


Head Studio

New function which automatically controls the density of the grid.


New, improved functions for controlling all parameters. Also geometric improvements for export to 3D printers.

Dynamic Prongs



New tool for dynamic positioning of prongs or decorative elements. Ideal for the most demanding user.


More options: Setting of the base point and numeric definition of form values.

Automatic Pave


Multiple Pipe

Improved algorithm; better results obtained more easily.


Lets you create multiple pipes with various curves; possibility of defining initial, middle and final diameter.

Dynamic Pave


Move Normal to Surface

New functions for the most demanding users. Allows vertical and horizontal symmetry, and also limit circle marking the separation between stones.


Move normal objects in seconds to a surface. Ideal for adjusting gems, as well as many other things.

Move Commands


Animation Studio

Soft move, Soft Curve Editing, Soft Surface Editing, Move Subcurves, etc. Now completely integrated into the RhinoGold interface.


Completely integrated into RenderStudio. With a new method of automatically creating camera trajectories.

Dynamic Array


Path from Camera

More dynamic than ever! Now with the possibility of moving objects vertically or normal to surface.


Maximum ease and control when creating curves for professional animation.

and more