GameMaker: Studio™ Professional

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GameMaker: Studio™ Professional

GameMaker: Studio™ Professional
Studio™ Professional $99.99 Buy Now
Android Export Module $199.99
HTML5 Export Module $99.99
iOS Export Module $199.99
Ubuntu Export Module $99.99
Windows Phone 8 $199.99

Fast, cross-platform games development

GameMaker: Studio™ Professional unlocks the full power of GameMaker: Studio™, giving you all the great features of Standard with the added ability to purchase and plug-in Android, iOS and HTML5 export modules, collaborate with a team through Subversion source control and monetize your game with an unprecedented number of developer services.

GameMaker: Studio™ Professional – Key Features

Multi-format Export


When combined with additional export modules, GameMaker: Studio™ can take your game's single codebase and produce ready-to-run executables and store-ready apps for multiple platforms with a single click. With modules already available for Microsoft Windows including Windows 8, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, HTML5 and Windows Phone 8 - and more coming soon - GameMaker: Studio™ is the fastest and simplest way to develop multi-platform games for mobile devices, home computers and the web.

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Developer Services Portal (DSP)

Developer Services Portal (DSP)

To help easily monetize and analyze their games, GameMaker: Studio™ gives developers unprecedented access to, and removes the technical hassle of connecting with, some of the biggest advertisers, analytics and engagement services on mobile and web.

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Team Features

Team Features

GameMaker: Studio™ also includes a comprehensive source control scheme, to make working on a project within a team easier than ever before.

Currently incorporating Subversion (SVN), and with more solutions on the way, GameMaker: Studio™ is the only development tool your team needs to get things done in record time.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

The GameMaker: Studio™ IDE has everything that you need to deal with fonts, sounds, images and music, as well as other resources that you may need for creating your game. It enables you to define game entities, known as 'objects', and their behaviours in an intuitive, event-driven way and has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Powerful Scripting Language – GML

Powerful Scripting Language - GML

With GameMaker: Studio™'s built-in GameMaker Language (GML), you can control every last detail of your game – pathfinding, physics, object interaction, particles, data structures and more…

And should you find that even that is still not enough for your project, you can easily expand GameMaker: Studio™ by using GML extensions – or creating your own – to include social networking, payment systems or any other feature you can think of.