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ParaCloud GEM is a 3D Pattern Modeler that overlays your design with 3D Objects sampled from CAD software.
With GEM, the faces of a polygon surface become adaptive containers for 3D Components, of any size or shape.
GEM automatically transforms each component to match the proportions of its container, creating a 3D pattern.


Intuitive and Playful
Exploring design alternatives is an easy and playful task with GEM.
The simple and straightforward approach of GEM to Generative Design makes it possible to alter complex design models effortlessly.
No previous knowledge is required. GEM is quick to learn and easy to use. Just load a surface, start playing and reveal the power of GEM.


Intelligent Design
Design the way you think. GEM provides the power to test, change and experiment with ideas incredibly fast.
GEM introduce rule-based design tools offering a unique and powerful approach for 3D modeling.

Your CAD tools can do more. Capture design geometry from your preferred 3D modeling software as OBJ files,
process it with GEM and deliver the results as DXF, OBJ or VRML back to your CAD and rendering package.
GEM generates 3D printable output for rapid prototyping, making your design ideas a reality.


Complexity made Simple
Tear away the constraints of your 3D software and modeling skills. GEM builds up the complexity of your design models,
creating patterns of components fitted within the network of polygon surfaces.
GEM ability to fit components liberates you from what would otherwise translates to hours of crafty labor.

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