V-Stitcher 6.0

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V-Stitcher 6.0

For accelerated design through true to live garment modeling

The evolving standard in the apparel industry

V-Stitcher cuts costs and shortens the pre production cycle time through a powerful, true-to-life 3D garment design application.

By reducing the tedious and costly process – in both time and material – of fitting, experimenting, re-drawing patterns, etc., V-Stitcher expedites the entire development process.

It allows patternmakers and designers to turn 2D patterns into 3D realistically draped garments on true-to-life customizable models.

Easy to use, and amazingly realistic, if you can imagine it, VStitcher™ can image it.

V-Stitcher Features

  • Cutting edge, life-like models Exceptionally detailed, 3D models can be customized to a huge array of parameters, from age and gender, through body measurements and posture, to skin tone and hair style, and even through the stages of pregnancy.
  • Real-time 3D responseto any 2D changes Inherent CAD capabilities such as moving and dragging points and curves enable modification of 2D patterns with fast 3D results.
  • The most advanced fabric draping capabilities Based on the fabric’s physical characteristics, it generates virtual draping behavior that genuinely simulates reality. Draping simulation is based on advanced mathematical and physical algorithms implemented in real-time.
  • 2D patterns transformed into 3D garments 3D garment design based on output of all industry standard CAD systems. User-friendly interface enables a rich 3D representation of garments with multi-size grading over virtual body.
  • Integrated database All your information (style, size and fabric)  is safely stored for easy access with our innovative Database administration application.
  • Photo-quality display of fabric textures Unique texture mapping capabilities provide photo-like representation of fabric, stitches, prints and any other attachments.

V-Stitcher™ Benefits

  • Accelerates design and product development
  • Offers true-to-life garment modeling
  • Improves communication channels
  • Reduces time-to-market
  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces product development costs
  • Aids marketing efforts
  • Helps generate sales – Increases revenues
  • Reduce waste of materials – greener world