Optitex 11

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Webinar - Version 11

Online presentation of the brand new Optitex V11 release

Thursday, May 19th 2PM ET (GMT-5:00) - In this special webinar, Julia Shaw showcases the new release of Optitex V11.  Watch to see all the new tools and features and how they work, including:   


  • Improved 2D tools in Slash and Spread functionality
  • Walking capabilities
  • Variation Grading
  • Measurement Charts for Spec Sheets
  • and other exciting changes to specific functions in Optitex

Optitex Version 11 also provides improvement in it’s 3D capabilities. The newly revamped cloth engine features better collision detection, improved folding options for cloth positioning, cloth rigidity and and physics engine.

Get the most our of your new multi-core processors with this new build of Optitex, designed to utilize the full power of your new computer hardware to dramatically improve simulation time and quality. The software has been specifically designed to better utilize the technology in Intel® Core™  i5 and i7 Processors and NVIDIA CUDA™ technology.

The 3D Creator engine has been reworked to provide even faster simulation, improved accuracy of drape, decreased file size, and updated avatars with even more customizable measurements.

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