Paradise Sandbox for sketchup

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Experience realtime visualization with Paradise Sandbox for sketchup

Paradise Sandbox is an ideal tool for professional architects and hobbyist 3d artists that can generate realtime visualization and transform any scene with spectacular oceans, skies, electric thunderstorms and volumetric clouds. Paradise Sandbox is compatible with all leading modeling tools like Sketchup, Blender, Maya and various other 45+file formats. It is available with free and pro version. The free version can import imports Collada (.dae) files.

With its professional interface, Paradise Sandbox can automatically develop the models involving real-time reflections, ambient occlusion, shadows, numerous lights, wet materials, unlimited post-processing effects (SSAO, Reflections, DOF, Sharpen, FXAA, Lens-flare, Vignette etc).

Paradise sandbox consists of a material database having 200+ materials as well as an in-built object database.
Paradise sandbox comes up with lighting only mode which facilitates users to view the ambient light generated through the scene lights along with sky and artificial light sources. The Paradise Engine is the central part of Paradise Sandbox highlighting a state-of-the-art hybrid rendering pipeline in which the users can include several lights and high-quality realtime HW accelerated transparency and antialiasing.

Apply the viewport gizmo to instantly toggle between views and the transform gizmos to translate, scale and rotate objects efficiently.

An introductory offer for Paradise Sandbox PRO with €59.95 is available for users upto 30th of November. After that it will cost €99.95. A free version is also available for download.

Download the free version