3DReshaper® processes point clouds
coming from digitalization for
general practice settings or dental applications

and in the surgical domain

3D Scanning provides a significant time savings and a greater accuracy in dental CAD-CAM applications,
reverse engineering or quality control of prosthesis and medical devices.

However, 3D polygonal modeling (triangle mesh) should be able to generate quickly a high quality mesh model (without auto-intersection,
holes or open contours, accurate and workable...) whatever the quality of digitization from 3D scanners.

The poor quality of a model often leads to a loss of time due for example to post-treatment related to manufacturing process or conversion to CAD model.

Here are some standard features in 3DReshaper Application which allow you to quickly answer your needs in terms of 3D modeling and quality control:

From our expertise in 3D modeling, we develop specific dental CAD functions,
available through 3DReshaper Library SDK and dental CAD modules for end-users.
Thus, we provide you the ability to save time and money in the commercialization of whole or part of your dental systems: point clouds process,
high quality generation and repair of STL models, dental restoration and implant.

More information on dental CAD


The best way to test 3DReshaper: just download the software from our website for a free one-month trial of the complete version
of 3DReshaper Application and on request, for the 3DReshaper dental modules.

For further information, please use the following address: contact@technodigit.com

Point cloud best fit

Registration of several point clouds coming from the digitization of a femur. After a manual rough registration, 3DReshaper® makes a fine registration using the best fit to get the perfect positioning.

Noise reduction

3DReshaper is often used particularly for dental applications in order to obtain high quality 3D models despite a significant quantity of measuring noise.

Digital medical applications

3DReshaper provides dedicated dental CAD and generic 3D modeling solutions for the dental and medical applications.