Golaem Crowd 3

Golaem Crowd is a plugin for Autodesk Maya that allows creating, managing, controlling and rendering crowds of any kind of characters.

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The Golaem Crowd plugin is divided in two independent parts:
  • Simulation: the core of the plugin (steps 1 to 5 of the Workflow). It requires a license to run:
  • Rendering: the bridge between simulation and the rendering engines in Maya (step 6 of the Workflow). It does not require a license to render on local nodes and renderfarms.
The Golaem Crowd plugin relies on several Golaem software components:
  • Golaem Behavior allows to create and run complex behaviors from a set of basic behaviors and operators.
  • Golaem Motion is a real time animation engine which automatically retarget, blend and mix motions on any kind of morphology.
  • Golaem Path contains the suitable data and tools for path finding and navigation into complex 3D environments.
  • Golaem Physics provides a bridge with the Bullet physics library as well as preconfigured ragdoll behaviors.
  • Golaem Population provides tools for entities placement and population definition.
All these software components are embedded in the plugin and accessible through a set of tools and Maya nodes.

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