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forester13DQUAKERS is proud to present its first plugin for AutoDesk Softimage: FORESTER

Forester is a procedural creation addon that rendersthe creation of natural elements like trees, forests, grass and flowers a breeze! With its procedural approach, Forester generates the geometry using ICE , making the creation and editing of elements very straightforward.

Forester is not aimed for technical directors, but for artists. No ICE knowloedge is required. In fact, Forester will add all the connections automatically, so the user would only have to change the element parameters.

Forester elements come with lots of parameters to render the customization process very fast and intuitive. Almost all geometry come with built-in UVs, called Space UVs, that fit perfectly over the geometry, and render exactly the same way  in Mental Ray and Arnold.

Forester v1 is a procedural creation plugin for Autodesk Softimage that generates natural elements like trees, grass and even whole forests! Forester v1 comes bundled with the following features:

  • A tree generator with 3 types of trees, Broadleaf, Conifer and Palm
  • A forest generator with 3 types of trees, Broadleaf, Conifer and Palm
  • A grass generator using ICE strands
  • A grass generator using procedural geometry
  • A geometry leaves generator 
  • An instance leaves generator
  • A flowers generator
  • An instance scatter object
  • A pebbles (stones) generator


Forester elements are generated as polygonal geometry for the most part. Exceptions are instanced geometry with the Scatter object or Instance Leaves. The advantage of geometry generation is that they can be exported easily outside of Softimage.


All Forester parameters are animatable, enabling the user to bring the set to life. Wind parameters are available for trees, forests, grass and flowers. Wind is noise based, and therefore does not produce physically accurate results, but it does generate believable branch motion, with controls over the speed, scale and strength of the wind. 


Almost all Forester elements have a grow parameter, that enables the user to grow them over time. Some elements, like the Broadleaf tree have an extra parameter called grow variance, which lets different branches have random growth rates.


Forester elements have built-in UVs, called SPACE UVs, which render the texturing process very intuitive. Just assign a texture and select SPACE UVs under texture support and the texture will be mapped procedurally over the element. Swap UVs is a parameter that rotates the UVs 90 automatically, thus speeding up the workflow.


Forester elements are generated with default ICE Materials assigned to them. These are default Phong placeholder shaders which are intended to be customized by the user. The advantage is instant color feedback, and faster to manage surfacing process which avoids the manual assignment of materials.


The  Forester documentation  is presented in video format, covering all the features of Forester. Customers are encouraged to download the videos for fast offline access. Additional tutorials are going to be added in the future.


Forester v1 is compatible with Softimage 2013, 2014 and 2015 running on Windows 64-bits platforms.
Windows 32-bits and Linux are not supported at the moment.


Forester v1 is launched with an introductory price of 159 USD, for single machine use. Additional licenses cost 100 USD per machine. Prices are subject to increase after the launch period.


The plugin license is tied to your mac address. If you want to use the plugin on more than 1 machine (non simultaneously), then you need to supply a mac address connected to a USB device, like a BlueTooth USB Stick or a WLAN USB Stick. Upon installation, the plugin will generate the mac address in the Softimage Script log window, coming from your network card or your connected USB device. You would email this mac address to us and then receive a license to run the plugin with.


Once the order is placed, you will instantly receive an email with instructions to our download area. Once downloaded, you should send us the mac address generated in the Softimage Script logs window in order authorize it on your machine. All credit card processing is handled by Esellerate. No credit card info is passed to 3DQUAKERS.


For more info on ordering multiple licenses, please contact